International Mortgages for Property the United Kingdom & Canada Now Available to Non-residents

Investing in Property in the UK & Canada as a Foreigner Has Never Been Easier

No credit necessary. No residency necessary. No visa necessary. Simply invest 25% – 35% of the value of the property, and you can now own land in the UK or Canada. As these are two prime destinations for Koreans heading to both work and study, the opportunity to invest in a home you can own instead of paying rent could mean you get to make money on a sale when you leave instead of leaving that money in your landlord’s bank account.

Super Broker Global Mortgage Group adds two more to its list of countries where they provide loans to overseas investors!

First it was the US. GMG helped hundreds of people purchase homes in the United States despite their lack of US domestic credit ratings. In the last few years they added Australia, Japan & Thailand to their options for international property loans. And now in the first quarter of 2019, they have added two incredible options for home or commercial property investment: Canada & the UK. Own an Overseas Rental Property / Retirement Home / Investment

Own an Overseas Rental Property / Retirement Home / Investment

You could want to invest abroad for all kinds of reasons. Moving to the UK or Canada to study or work is something many Korean people have to do. If you’ll be there for 2 or more years, ask yourself whether you want all that money to go to someone else, or you’d rather own an asset that can appreciate while you’re living in it. Retiring to the UK or Canada may keep you close to loved ones who are now located there, or it could give you the home on a golf course you always dreamed of. Investing in property in the UK or Canada can also be a great bet. UK housing prices are on a tear, rising 5.9% in just one month! Canadian housing prices are on the decline right now, but that could mean that it’s time to buy for bargain shoppers out there!

No Credit Check

Once again, the best part is you can invest in the 6 countries around the world with no credit check whatsoever – not in your home country and not in the country of the prospective investment. This means that the only important thing is your down payment and the value of the asset. So search for that real estate investment of your dreams carefully. If you know what you’re doing, you may just find a life-changing opportunity!

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