When a VA Home Loan Doesn’t Work For You

As a US service member, you may be eligible for a “VA Loan” – a loan made by private lenders to eligible veterans and guaranteed by the Veterans Administration. However, with that guarantee comes with specific requirements which may not fit what is happening in your life today. Late or missed payments, high credit card debt, divorce or bankruptcy can preclude service members from being able to take advantage of these loans.

Real Estate Loans for US Military Serving Abroad

US Homes Asia was founded by an American living and working abroad who has worked with the US military for many years. We understand that a VA loan is not open to everyone, which is why we work with largest dedicated non-QM lender in the US to provide the opportunity to offer US mortgage loans that fit the needs of both military and civilians working abroad.

What is a “non-QM” loan?

It simply means it doesn’t fit into what Fannie Mae or the VA consider to be a “qualified mortgage”, whether because of the type of property or the borrower’s situation. Anything outside of the typical model of a home loan falls under the category of “non-QM loan.”

This brings us to the non-QM loans that US Homes Asia has to offer. We provide US real estate loans through the largest dedicated non-QM lender in the US. These loans are ideal for people who are credit-worthy, but have had past credit issues which preclude them from the VA offers.

You Can Qualify for a Non-QM Loan from US Homes Asia

A non-QM mortgage from US Homes Asia is at the same exact rate and terms as you would receive if you were applying in the US. Our agents are based in Korea and can meet with you in person and go over your situation and explain your options in a transparent and credible manner. Our US mortgage programs allow many people who never dreamed they could get a mortgage to obtain a US property, and for those that have had past issues with home ownership establish a fresh start. These loans are ideal for:

  • US Service Members who are considering returning home and want to buy a property but do not have sufficient credit due to extended time spent abroad.
  • Civilian Employees (US and Non-US citizens) who have limited US credit but want to invest in US real estate.
  • US Military or Civilian US real estate owners who want to refinance to a lower rate and/or extract equity out of their property to invest elsewhere, pay off bills, start a business, etc.

If you or someone you know falls into one of these categories, contact US Homes Asia and we can get the process started right away. Many loans clear within 30 days, so the whole process could be done by next month!

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