USHA Expands Real Estate Loan Programs to Include Australia, Thailand & Japan!

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Home Loans for Foreign Nationals & Expats

After years of providing US property loans to both US Expats & Koreans, US Homes Asia is expanding its options and giving you the opportunity to invest in three new great countries! These are three of the hottest real estate markets in the world right now. Anyone looking to expand their property investments should seriously consider diversifying their portfolio beyond their borders. If you’re a property investor, why limit yourself to your home country and leave your investments subject to a single market? Take advantage of this unheard of opportunity to be a landlord / owner in multiple countries.

Real Estate: Invest, Reside, Vacation, Retire.

Every customer is different. Whether you’re looking for a home, to diversify your portfolio, to get a vacation home or to buy your retirement home, US Homes Asia now offers more options than ever for internationally minded investors. These countries are some of the hottest in the world for business, vacationing and retirement. Buy your retirement home now and move in tomorrow or rent it out and move there in couple of decades. It’s your choice!

Australia, Thailand, Japan Property Loans Now Available!

All of these countries have red-hot property markets and all of them offer unique and very profitable opportunities. What sort of investment are you looking for?

Australian Property Investment Opportunities

In Sydney and Melbourne, residents are renting instead of buying their homes and often taking out mortgages in cheaper areas. This should make it easy to find renters for your property!  Perhaps you’re thinking of a more affordable area? How about Queensland? Choose your house and receive a loan from us. Once you’ve purchased your home, you can turn it into a money-maker by entrusting it to one of the many property management companies in Brisbane, Queensland so they can rent it out to vacationers or residents.

Japanese Real Estate Outlook

The prices just keep going up in beautiful places like Kyoto and Okinawa. It’s hard to imagine that changing now that Japan is one of the world’s fastest-growing tourism destinations. And then there’s Tokyo, where the rental market just had it’s fastest increase in 10 years. Finding a renter there shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

Thailand Real Estate Market for Foreigners

Particularly appealing to those looking to retire, your investment can also come with a visa! Double your money in 14 years? “The average price of condominiums has doubled from 2004 – 2018, from around THB 60,000 to THB 120,000 per square meter.” And the Thai property market still presents a terrific bargain compared to other countries, as well as the cost of living. This makes it very appealing as a place to retire.

International Mortgage Loan Qualifications

  • No income necessary.
  • No credit necessary.
  • No current job necessary.
The requirements are simple: 30% down payment. Whether you have no job or income because you’re retired or because you are between jobs, it’s not going to stop you from getting this loan. So click on the “Quote” button today to see if you qualify and find out what sort of interest rate you can expect.   

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